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What are Quilting Gloves

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You may wonder what quilting gloves are. If you are a beginner at quilting, these can prove to be very convenient. Quilting gloves are suitable gear for anyone who likes quilting or does it professionally. They are gloves made of cloth, rubber, or latex that can help you quilt with ease. Be it free-motion quilting or quilt binding, these gloves make the process smooth for you. It prevents the fabric from slipping and gives precision to your stitching.

Use of quilting gloves

  • Gives a good grip: The fingertips of quilting gloves are made of rubber. Hence, they give you a good grip when you hold on to any fabric or needle. So, they can be your best friend while you are trying to sew together layers of a quilt.

  •  Reduces hand fatigue: When you have a good grip, you will need to exert less pressure while holding the cloth or pulling the quilt. Quilting gloves takes the stress off your hands. They allow you to keep your hands flat on the table, hence, preventing carpal tunnel problems. Wear the gloves while quilting, and your hands will thank you.

  •  Available in different sizes: Quilting gloves will fit well no matter how big or small your hands are. They are available in different sizes- XS, S/M, M/L, and XL. A good fit will help with all kinds of quilting.

How to clean quilting gloves

Since quilting gloves are such a useful gear, you should know how to clean the gloves. One option to clean Grabaroos quilting gloves is to merely put them in the washing machine using a delicate cycle. However, it is better to use a gentler method. Hand wash the gloves in cold water and use a mild detergent to avoid damaging its fibers. Dry them flat, do not tumble or iron the gloves. This will make your quilting gloves last longer.

Things to keep in mind while buying

  • Ensure the rubber quality of the gloves is good, so they give you a good grip.
  • Ensure the fabric of the glove is breathable. Quilting gloves make your hands sweat. It is one of the disadvantages of using them. Choosing a breathable fabric will reduce sweating.
  • Check out the sizes and pick the one that fits you best. A loose fit will make your quilting experience discomforting.
  • There are different types of quilting gloves available in the market—ones with five fingers and three fingers. Choose the glove that you find more comfortable.

You may wonder if quilting gloves are at all necessary. They might not be. But they do make quilting comfortable. And, once you use quilting gloves, you may not be able to switch back.