"Hi Miriam,

A quick update to tell you how much I love the gloves. In addition, your customer service is excellent. I will be ordering more. I posted this review on Amazon under the large gloves.

Grabaroo's Gloves – YES, they are a lifesaver! Grabaroo's Gloves are an essential part of my work tools. I handle a large volume of papers and paper files every day. My hands and cuticles were getting cut up and bruised in the process. The Grabaroo's Gloves are a great solution. The gloves are lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

The rubberized tips make it easy to page through files. I was unsure of the correct size to order. I am 5’4” with average size hands. I ordered a size large and they are a perfect fit. The package had an insert that said size 9 - if that helps. Since the gloves are sort of skin tight I used a leather glove size chart to help determine the right size. If you are unsure, go with the larger size - they run small. Large is perfect for me.

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At the end of the first day with the gloves I knew these were a winner. The gloves were dusty, dirty and beat up looking. That used to be what my hands looked like! I ordered several pairs so that I can rotate them as I wash them each week. I strongly recommend the Grabaroo's Gloves for office workers. Awesome product!

Warm regards, H.B."

I just want to say first that your gloves are amazing. I am a disabled veteran that has taken to crafting as a way to absorb my tame and make something that enriches the lives of those around me.

Daniel M

I am a postal worker in Australia and came across your gloves online one day while browsing amazon. I bought 3 pairs and although the conversion was a bit pricey I do not regret it one bit! They're so great especially because I'm dealing with cash and the handling of parcels. My skin is very sensitive and nitrile/latex gloves were horrible. Your creation has been a great help to me!

Thanks, Miriam

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