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Discover 5 of the Best Reasons to Use Gloves for Quilting

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Using gloves for quilting is perhaps the most important trick to get comfortable with and ultimately mastering free motion quilting. Whether you want to master your grip on the material or need to perfectly attach the quilt binding with a walking foot, using the appropriate pair of gloves would make the experience more rewarding. After all, gloves for quilting are designed to make it easier for you to control and manipulate the quilt.

Interestingly, the advantages of machine quilting gloves go beyond convenience. The following reasons would help you understand how and why.

  1. Cutting Gloves for Quilting Protect your Hands

Over the recent decades, the sewing and crafting industries have largely embraced the rotary cutter instead of conventional scissors. While it may be super useful, it also poses a greater risk to the quilter themselves. So, when you use especially designed cutting gloves for quilting, you can keep your skin safe from accidental cuts and wounds. As a result, you won’t face hindrances when working.

  1. Sewing Gloves for Quilting Prevent Muscle Fatigue

Constant quilting is similar to subjecting your muscles to an intense workout. So, you need the proper gear to keep going, without compromising on your productivity. And nothing better than a pair of sewing gloves for quilting to serve the purpose.  Fabric is naturally slippery and the surface of a quilt will slide right through your hands in the absence of a firm grip and control. Using the right pair of gloves for quilting will ensure that your hand muscles don’t tire easily. That way, you can continue maintaining the ideal grip on the material.

  1. They Never Let you Lose Control

Accessories like Grabaroos quilting gloves for free motion sewing are made with breathable, lightweight material to aid the creative process. More important, these gloves never let you lose your grasp over technique nor the material. Their special fingertips are meant for this very purpose so that you can continue working for as long as you want, sans any problems.

  1. Gloves for Quilting: A More Hygienic Workspace

Quilting gloves offer protection to your skin from dust particles or other mess while working. So, you don’t have to stress yourself regarding any unexpected reactions when you come in contact with a new fabric blend.

  1. Better Quilting Accuracy

When you have gloves for quilting taking care of grip, control, hygiene and injury-prevention, it is only natural to expect a higher degree of accuracy when you quilt. The whole experience becomes more fulfilling as the number of hindrances go down. As the quilt starts to move as gracefully and effortlessly as an ice dancer, you will begin to understand the importance of these gloves and the difference they make to your favorite creative activity!


When you use gloves, you can add more to your quilting process. The idea is to enhance the experience by removing the most common complaints that quilters have. Investing in Grabaroos quilting gloves for free motion sewing will give you lasting returns as a quilter. And if you are a novice, it would be certainly more fun to get started with all the supporting gear and accessories.