Quilting Essentials: Why Are Quilting Gloves Essential To Protect Fingers

Quilting Essentials: Why Are Quilting Gloves Essential To Protect Fingers?

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Did you know that quilting gloves are some of the most crucial quilting essentials to ensure that your fingers stay protected and safe? With that, quilting gloves allow you to get better grip on your technique and be able to quilt easier and faster. However, it is about the design of the glove that matters the most. With Grabaroo’s gloves you can expect a timeless and quality designed cantered around finger-safety and the importance of durability and flexibility. Let’s discuss six key benefits of wearing them!

1.Lessen hand Fatigue

Quilting is all about pulling and tugging at the fabric. Imagine the amount of stress this puts on your fingers? So, why not get something that reduces the fatigue this action involves and makes the process a lot smoother? As you start wearing quilting essentials like gloves, there is going to be a lot less stress and pressure on your fingertips, allowing you fto enjoy more of the process. What is recommended is to have at least two pairs, in case one needs a wash and you want to quilt.

2.Ensure Better Grip

You may wonder how you can ensure a better grip than your own fingers? Well, that is the primary aspect of finger gloves uses. They are made using a comfortable, lightweight material, which also has expert gripping action at the fingertips. To add to this, there is also the right amount of padding at each fingertip to lessen the hand fatigue but allow for your fingers to have quality grip. With this, your quilt moves easier and your fingers can weave in and out with ease.

3.Keep Your Fingers Clean

Special gloves for quilting will keep your hands clean from dyes or dust. With that in mind, quality products, such as, Grabaroos quilting gloves, are also washable. It is important to keep in mind that you have to wash the gloves on machine wash gentle cycle to ensure they stay in new condition. With that in mind, these gloves are designed for hundreds of cycles!

4.Guard your hands

Some quilters are also required to use rotary cutters, which involves a certain amount of risk if not careful. Grabaroos gloves can protect your fingers to ensure that you never accidentally prick yourself! Right from your basic quilting steps, all the way for major projects that demand a higher degree of expertise, these quilting essentials can prove to be a very helpful tool in more ways than one.

5.Favorite For Instructors

Experts have endorsed these quilting essentials for years. The reason being is because the benefits speak for themselves. These gloves allow for a full day of quilting without the finger exhaustion that comes with the process. With that in mind, if you are ever taking a quilting class, you will most likely see the instructor wearing these quilting essentials. As a great gift, why not gift them Grabaroos?

6.Perfect Size For All

There is no standard size for gloves that are used for quilting. In short, you have small, medium and large instead of excessive varieties. With Grabaroos, you can measure your hand from middle finger to base and assess the length and pick your ideal gloves from there. With this in mind, the gloves are designed with 5% spandex, which means that even if it is a tight fit at first, it will stretch to contour and fit your hand perfectly. Use the size chart for any purchase on quilters gloves!

Things To Consider While Buying Grabaroo’s Gloves

When buying these gloves as one of the basic quilting steps, keep the following aspects in mind to ensure they are of the best fit and quality for you.


The gloves you buy should be comfortable and fit your hands properly to ensure a comfortable quilting experience. There will be quite a few sizes, and choosing the right fit is easy and simple. The main benefit is that it allows you to quilt without any obstruction.


For just quilting, opt for gloves made of lightweight fabric. However, to protect yourself from rotary cutters, a stronger material such as stainless-steel woven fibers will suffice. Grabaroos is made of 5% Spandex for stretchiness and 95% nylon for quality!


Flexibility is another important and crucial aspect when ensuring your gloves are of the best material quality. The reason being is that you want to ensure there is a level of flexibility and quality to make sure they fit well and can be worn all day long!

Buying Quality Quilting Gloves Is A Must

Now that we have discussed the different factors of why an individual should buy gloves as quilting essentials, we want to share why Grabaroos are exceptional for quilting and everyday tasks. Not only are they machine washable, but they are made with a nylon and spandex material that is comfortable and breathable. To add to this, these gloves are excellent for everyday activities that require hand and germ safety. Try them out today!