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The Grabaroo’s ®File gloves – Form fitting gloves, made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex with grips on every finger to protect in everyday use. Many office workers use gloves to sort files. Grabaroos® File Gloves are the perfect choice!

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Buy GRABAROO’S ® gloves in quantity and share your new find! Get two for yourself and one for a friend! Great for arts and crafts too. They are protective gloves for office work, post office banks etc.

grabaroos post workersGRABAROO’S ® Gloves Postal Worker:  Many postal workers use gloves to sort mail. Grabaroo’s ® Gloves are the perfect choice! The rubber dots on the fingers help you pick up and sort the mail rapidly and the gloves help keep your hands clean.


grabaroos gloves for saleGRABAROO’S ® Gloves Health Professional:  Great for handling files in the medical records department and doctors’ and administrative offices.



buy grabaroo protective glovesGRABAROO’S ® Gloves Office Professional:  “I have been working with my friend in the Human Resources department of a large corporation. We had to file and go through lots of records and papers. We would get cuts on our hands and fingers. We tried different kinds of gloves, but they did not help. My friend came up with a glove named GRABAROO’S. We did not get anymore cuts and they fit so smooth. They were great for our hands, and I would not work without them. Thank you! …Lillian Z.”


grabaroo quilt glovesGRABAROO’S ® Gloves Bank Cashier:  Great for handling money, check, invoices etc.



grabaroos protective gloves



GRABAROO’S ® Gloves Librarians:  Librarians love GRABAROO’S® because they help protect their hands from germs, dirt, paper cuts and sores. Library patrons love them too!


  • Have friends who could benefit from GRABAROO’S ® Gloves? Get a multi-pack and share!
  • Buy two pair of GRABAROO’S ® Gloves. One for a friend and one for you!
  • Have a large office or a store and would like to resell our GRABAROO’S ® Gloves? Perhaps you belong to a Quilting Group and want to share your new find with everyone?. 
  • Get a case of GRABAROO’S® Gloves for your large office or store. They’re flying off the shelves! This way you don’t have to order as often, saving on shipping costs!

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    5 out of 5

    Thank you. These are a lifesaver for me. I process payments for a propane company and in the winter can get anywhere between 200 to 300 checks a day. Before i found these i constantly had paper cuts, splitting skin and just sore hands from opening all those envelopes. Also an added benefit they keep my hands warm and are comfortable and great for filing. They joke about my gloves at work calling me michael jackson. I look forward to getting my new gloves, as i have practically worn them out.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I love my Grabaroo’s. Working in a very busy elementary school library there are plenty of of surfaces where dirt and germs can live. Grabaroo’s helps me fight dry skin, protects me from germs, and you can type while wearing them too. I have another job as a wardrobe attendant/dresser for a live production show where I would like to wear Grabaroo’s now that they are available in black (backstage you must be in all black). I was going to order a Med pair (or two) in black online, but the website didn’t give me an option for color. Please, add color as an option on the website.

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