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Grabaroo’s hand protection gloves are made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex with grips on each fingertip, making it the ideal glove for everyday use. If you are a germaphobe, a pair of Grabaroo’s gloves are the perfect fit for you.

Get The Highest Degree of Germ Protection.

Say goodbye to paper cuts, and sore hands!

If you work at an office and deal with a lot of paper or envelopes, you may be familiar with paper cuts and how painful they can be. However, the pain is not the end of your woes! Germs and bacteria can enter these cuts and wreak havoc on your body. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry by getting yourself a pair of Grabaroo’s hand protection gloves to keep germs at bay. Our gloves offer superior grip allowing them to be used as crafting gloves as well as regular germ protection gloves. Getting the right fit on your gloves is a necessity and you can use the size chart below to find the right size for your hands.

Maximize Productivity.

Whether you plan on using Grabaroo’s gloves for crafting purposes or general office work, you can keep your hands safe without compromising on comfort. Our gloves are specially designed after years of R&D to be ergonomic and allow for flexibility and mobility. People who use our gloves often say they feel like a ‘second skin.’ T

The grippy fingertips also allow you to grab things without worrying about slips, thereby increasing your productivity substantially.

Touchscreen Compatible.

Removing your gloves every time you encounter a touchscreen panel would be redundant if you are looking to keep germs at bay. That is why we have made our hand protection gloves compatible with touchscreens. Grabaroo’s gloves do not require you to remove them to use a touchscreen, which has become a prerequisite of any workplace. Grab a pair of our touchscreen compatible gloves and rest assured that your hands are safe.

Keeps Your Hands Warm

Besides offering functions like touchscreen compatibility and germ protection, our hand protection gloves also keep your hands warm when the temperature drops. It is common knowledge that having cold and stiff hands can hurt your productivity at work. That is why our gloves ensure your hands stay warm even when it’s cold outside, to protect your productivity.

Keep Your Hand Safe and Clean.

With a pair of Grabaroo’s personal protection gloves, your hands and fingers can be safe and warm. Whether you want protection from paper cuts or germs, we’ve got you covered. Our gloves offer a seamless machine-knit design and durable fabrics, making it the ideal office and crafting gloves that offer a high productivity rate at an affordable price.

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