Germ Protection Gloves


The Grabaroo’s ®File gloves – Form fitting gloves, made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex with grips on every finger to protect in everyday use. Grabaroos® Germ Protection Gloves are a perfect choice!

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Germ Protection Gloves

Get the Best Quality Gloves for Germ Protection

No More Paper Cuts and Sore Hands from Working with Paper

If your work involves papers, or opening lots of envelopes, paper cuts may not be something unusual, but that doesn’t make paper cuts any less painful. To solve this problem, Grabaroos presents a nifty pair of specially made gloves for Germ Protection Gloves that have been designed keeping your job in mind. Our premium quality gloves are lightweight and form-fitting to maximize your comfort and productivity while providing your hands with complete protection.

Get the Best Grip to Maximize Productivity

A pair of our specially designed desk gloves is just the thing you need if you work in an Germ Protection Gloves, sorting files or processing payments. The gloves don’t only keep you safe from getting those nasty paper cuts, but also make you more productive with certain tweaks that have been built into the design, giving you a superior grip. These specially designed Germ Protection Gloves are ideal for those who work at the Germ Protection, postal service, library, hospital, or just about anywhere your hands come in contact with cold hard paper. You’re surely not going to drop anything while wearing these special gloves for Germ Protection by Grabaroos.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Just because you’re wearing gloves doesn’t mean you have to minimize your efficiency on the job. Our work gloves have been designed with touchscreen compatibility so that you are able to maintain 100% efficiency at work whether you’re working with computers, or doing it old-school – with paper. The Grabaroos work gloves will increase your productivity two-fold while keeping your hands safe and warm. The gloves for Germ Protection Gloves cover the entire hand providing you complete protection while you type away on the keyboard.

Slip These on Once the Temperature Drops

germ protection gloves can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re typing once the temperature drops and your hands get cold and stiff. It’s no secret that cold hands can severely affect your productivity. Not only do cold hands slow you down at the workplace, it can also incredibly uncomfortable. When it comes to comfort, germ protection gloves and typing go hand in hand.Grabaroos offers specially designed typing gloves to keep hands warm while offering you the protection you need. By maintaining your body temperature, the heated typing gloves help you maintain your speed while typing, which incredibly enhances your efficiency and reduces your chances of making mistakes. Germ protection gloves for cold hands are a great way for increasing your speed by keeping your hands nice and warm.

Get Premium Quality Gloves

Our premium quality gloves for germ protection gloves are made from a combination of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, which makes them super flexible and lightweight. These gloves have been designed to maximize productivity while providing your hands with the protection it needs from paper cuts that are common in the workplace.

Keep Your Hands Safe and Clean

Even the smallest paper cut is enough to make a person go yow! If your work requires you to handle the filing of various documents, you work at a library, or you’re a cashier at some bank, you need to give your fingers the protection they need in order to perform your duties well. The Grabaroos range of specialized gloves for germ protection gloves ensures that your fingers are protected, clean and safe while providing you with the flexible comfort of breathable nylon that makes a pair of Grabaroos, an absolute joy to work in.

A Small Price to Pay to Keep Your Fingers Clean and Safe

Investing in a pair of gloves for germ protection gloves will make it easier and safer to handle paper and carry out various tasks around the germ protection. With its seamless machine-knit design and durable fabric, Grabaroos premium quality desk gloves are able to offer protection and durability at a reasonable price.

Buy Your Grabaroos Gloves Today

So, why wait a moment longer. Purchase these exceptional gloves for germ protection gloves today and minimize the chances of having to deal with splitting skin and paper cuts. Also check out our wide range of quilt gloves. Our customer support staff are on hand 24/7 to answer any questions. To find out more about our incredible new product please feel free to contact us at 1-813-792-8600. You can also drop us an email at