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How to Choose the Right Type of Safety Gloves?

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Are you worried that you may hurt your hands while at work? Don’t you want to work stress-free knowing that your hands are well protected? Depending on the type of work you do, there are several types of safety gloves available.

You may have to deal with a lot of paper at work, your hands might get cut while quilting, or you might have to work with chemicals. Having safety work gloves is always a wise idea. If you are an employer with people engaged in work that may hurt their hands, you must provide them with appropriate gloves for safety protection.

Here are some types of safety gloves you should know about.

  1. Cotton fabric gloves
  2. These gloves have a thin layer of fabric and are meant for minimal protection. They can be used to protect your hands from moderately hot surfaces, minor cuts, and nicks and can keep your hands clean.

  3. Coated fabric gloves
  4. These gloves provide more protection than the cotton ones. They are cut resistant safety gloves that can also protect the hands from some chemicals or heat. They have a coating of materials like

    • PVC
    • Latex
    • Polyurethane
    • Nitrile

These safety work gloves can be made in various ways. For example, quilting safety gloves are made of good quality breathable fabric with rubber fingertips that help with the quilting.

  1. Latex, Nitrile or Synthetic Gloves
  2. These types of safety gloves are used mostly in labs and hospitals as they give protection against chemicals, solvents, bio-hazard materials, oils, etc. These are well-fitted gloves that can be used to do fine work, but they are not cut resistant safety gloves.

  3. Leather gloves
  4. As the name suggests, they are made of leather and much stronger than the above-mentions gloves. Not only are they excellent cut resistant safety gloves, but they protect against heat and sparks as well.

Each type of safety gloves is used for different kinds of work. So, while choosing your gloves, see what sort of hand protection you require. Besides, if you are looking for hand protection gloves that save you from cuts and nicks while quilting, crafting, or dealing with paper, you should go for Quilting safety gloves .

What are quilting gloves?

Quilters gloves are appropriate for those who like quilting either as a hobby or do it professionally. Made from fabric with rubber or PVC fingertips, these gloves help you quilt with ease, allow free-motion quilting, prevent the fabric from slipping and provide precision to your work. Even though they are specially made for quilting, you may also use them for crafting work or while you have to do paper and filing work.

However, you should remember a few things while choosing the right quilting gloves.

  • Make sure that the PVC quality is good. It’s the rubber that provides you the grip.
  • Ensure the fabric of the glove is breathable. You will have to wear these quilting safety gloves for extended durations, which will make your hands sweat. Choosing a breathable fabric will reduce sweating.
  • Pick the right size that fits your hands well. Loose-fitting gloves will make your quilting discomforting.

Gloves for safety protection are an essential gear while you are doing work that risks harming your hands. Therefore, it would be best if you chose the gloves carefully to give your hands the best protection.

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