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Best Quilting Gloves Choice – Extra Protection and Better Grip

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What makes a pair of Grabaroos the best quilting gloves? To begin with, they offer maximum comfort in terms of fit and grip. It is important that the quilters gloves you choose allow you to have a secure hold over the material you work with. And Grabaroos does exactly that. Moreover, they also protect your skin from cuts. Other factors, …

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Discover 5 of the Best Reasons to Use Gloves for Quilting

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Using gloves for quilting is perhaps the most important trick to get comfortable with and ultimately mastering free motion quilting. Whether you want to master your grip on the material or need to perfectly attach the quilt binding with a walking foot, using the appropriate pair of gloves would make the experience more rewarding. After all, gloves for quilting are …

How to use Grabaroo gloves while sewing and quilting

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File Gloves Plus was started in 2006 by Audrey House, Miriam Selzer and Tracy George to fulfill the need for hand protection for the professional office worker. The inventor, Audrey House, discovered the need for using gloves while doing high-volume paper filing for a large corporation.