About Grabaroo’s

Audrey House - one of the founder of Grabaroos
The Grabaroo’s Story

File Gloves Plus was started in 2006 by Audrey House, Miriam Selzer and Tracy George to fulfill the need for hand protection for the professional office worker. The inventor, Audrey House, discovered the need for using gloves while doing high-volume paper filing for a large corporation. One of the greatest problems was not being able to grab papers fast enough because her fingers would get a thin layer of ink on them, making them less able to pick up paper. Additionally, her fingers would be black on the ends by the end of the day, and she wanted a way to keep the ink and germs from coming into direct contact with her hands. Also, with high volume paper filing, paper cuts were a constant annoyance. To solve her dilemma, she started out by using existing garden gloves and then quilting gloves, but found that they were not able to grasp paper well and were often bulky to work with.Thus was born GRABAROO'S GlOVES.

Little did Audrey know at the time that her file gloves would also become the best quilting gloves for free motion quilting. Additionally, GRABAROO'S GLOVES are great for cashiers, post office employees, librarians, medical staff workers, hospital staff, printers, people with allergies and just about anyone you can think of whose hands need protecting.

Fast forward to 2017. GRABAROO'S GLOVES are used by hundreds of companies all over the world! Want to be free of germs in the workplace with no more paper cuts and sores? Order a pair today and see what a difference GRABAROO'S GLOVES will make in your life!!

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Grabaroo's gloves are form-fitting and made from a combination of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, with additional grip patches on every fingertip. The perfect balance between grip and mobility makes our hand gloves perfect for free-motion quilting, sewing, crafting, and scrapbooking.
Grabaroos Hand gloves for swing and crafting
Grabaroos protective hand gloves for workers
Grabaroos germ protection hand gloves
Grabaroos hand gloves for bankers
Treat Your Hands to Some Love and Care, and Keep Them Safe!

Our hand gloves are the result of years of research and development by our product managers to develop the perfect protective gloves ideal for everyday use. We produce our state-of-the-art Grabaroo's gloves with a durable and breathable fabric combination of spandex and nylon that offers the best balance between comfort, mobility, and durability. Whether you want to use them for quilting, sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, office work, delivering mail, handing cash, or sorting money, our hand gloves provide you with the highest level of comfort, protection, and grip.

Our gloves have specially designed fingertips that allow extra dexterity while handling paper or fabric. With grips on both sides of the fingertips, you have ample friction to grab paper or fabric (no more dabbing wax on your fingers). These gloves also offer a substantially high level of comfort for all-day use and prevent perspiration due to their breathable fabric construction.

Grabaroos protective hand gloves
  • Great for handling paper
  • Say no to paper cuts
  • Protect hands from everyday use
  • Makes counting money a breeze
  • Protects employee’s hands
  • Holds fabric in place