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Helps Protect Your Hands From Paper Cuts And Work More Easily With Paper And Materials.
Buy a Pair of GRABAROO's Hand Protection Gloves Today; You'll Be Glad You Did!

It is important to remember that your skin gets exposed to bacteria, allergens, dust and dirt during an array of paperwork and crafting projects. Hence, it is important to add a layer of reliable protection to your hands and eliminate these risks. The same can be achieved by investing in a pair of our special hand protection gloves. Our designers have combined functionality with ergonomics to achieve the best results. So, you can buy gloves online that are safe, low-maintenance and super-efficient, all at the same time.


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Sewing & Quilters Gloves

New sizes . Extra large available in Black! Call for details.
1-877 310-GRAB (4722)

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Postal Workers Gloves
"A quick update to tell you how much I love the gloves! In addition, your customer service is excellent."

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Cashier Gloves

GRABAROO'S Gloves are great for handling money. Saving hands from dirt and reducing contact with germs. GRABAROO'S come in 3 sizes .

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Buy two pairs of GRABAROO'S ® Gloves.
One for a friend and one for you!

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Health Professional Gloves
Great for handling files in medical records departments and doctors' and administrative offices.

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Office Professional Gloves
Office professionals love GRABAROO'S® Gloves. They help protect hands from germs, dirt, ink, and paper cuts.

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Apostrophe Gloves
Protects hands when handling books, magazines and newspapers.

NEW Size - Extra Large - Now available in black! Call for details. 
1-877 310-GRAB (4722)


The GRABAROO'S® Gloves - Form fitting gloves, made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex with grips on
every finger to protect in everyday use. Great for free motion quilting, sewing, crafting and scrapbooking.

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Our Story

GRABAROO'S® Gloves are used by hundreds of companies all over the world. Want to be free of germs in the workplace with no more paper cuts and sores? Order a pair of our hand gloves online today and see what a difference GRABAROO'S Gloves will make in your life!

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"At the end of the first day with the finger gloves I knew these were a winner. The gloves were dusty, dirty and beat up looking. That used to be what my hands looked like! I ordered several pairs of these hand gloves online so that I can rotate them as I wash them each week."

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Our Products

Do you have a large office or belong to a quilting group? Do you have a store and would like to resell our GRABAROO'S ® Gloves? Buy GRABAROO'S ® Gloves in quantity and share your new find!

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Customers Are Saying

"Hi, Miriam.  buy gloves online A quick update to tell you how much I love the gloves. In addition, your customer service is excellent. I will be ordering more. I posted this review on Amazon under the large gloves.

GRABAROO'S® Gloves – YES, they are a lifesaver!

Grabaroo's Gloves are an essential part of my work tools. I handle a large volume of papers and paper files every day. My hands and cuticles were getting cut up and bruised in the process. The Grabaroo's Gloves are a great solution. The gloves are lightweight, flexible and comfortable.
The rubberized tips make it easy to page through files. I was unsure of the correct size to order. I am 5’4” with average size hands. I ordered a size large and they are a perfect fit. The package had an insert that said size 9 - if that helps. Since the gloves are sort of skin tight I used a leather glove size chart to help determine the right size. If you are unsure, go with the larger size - they run small. Large is perfect for me. At the end of the first day with the gloves I knew these were a winner. The gloves were dusty, dirty and beat up looking. That used to be what my hands looked like! I ordered several pairs so that I can rotate them as I wash them each week.

I strongly recommend the GRABAROO'S® Gloves for office workers. Awesome product!

Warm regards, H.B."

"Great gloves for the office.
I suffer from many paper/folder cuts and these gloves have solved the problem."

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"These are the most amazing quilting/sewing gloves ever, so lightweight they feel like a second skin. "

File Worker

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"Very good. I am not doing same job now but I know if I do filing I will use them. "

HR Worker

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"I work in HR and handle a lot of files and these are great for gripping and going thru paperwork."

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After years of research and design, our product managers developed the perfect protective gloves for everyday use on-the-job. Our revolutionary GRABAROO'S® Gloves are made of a durable, breathable, spandex and nylon that allows for comfortable wear all day! Use them every day: great for quilting, sewing, crafting, and even scrapbooking,  in the office to file papers, in the Post Office for sorting and delivering mail, at the cash register or bank for sorting money; anywhere you need additional protection and non-slip gripping power. Additional benefits of our finger gloves include: specially designed finger tip ends that allow for extra dexterity for handling paper and fabrics of any kind; grips on both sides of every finger allow extra friction for grasping paper (no more licking your fingers or dabbing wax). These protective gloves are comfortable enough for all day use, preventing perspiring under your gloves and  from direct contact with germ-covered surfaces.
Great for handling paper
Makes counting money a breeze
Say no to paper cuts
Protects employees' hands
Protects Hands From every day use
Holds fabric in place