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Many postal workers use gloves to sort mail. Grabaroo's ® are the perfect choice! The rubber dots on the fingers help you pickup and sort the mail rapidly and the gloves help keep your hands clean.
New Size - Extra Large - Now available in purple and black!!  Call for details 1-877 310-GRAB (4722)
Great For letter carriers and mail handlers! 
Patent No: USD605,377S Dec 8,2009
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One Pair Grabaroos File Gloves
Grabaroo's ® For Postal Workers
MSRP: $11.95
Price: $9.95
You Save: $2.00 (17 %)
Grabaroo's ® For Postal Workers
The Grabaroo's ® File gloves - Form fitting gloves, made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex with grips on every finger to protect in everyday use. Many postal workers use gloves to sort mail. Grabaroo's ® File Gloves are the perfect choice!
Two Pair Grabaroos File Gloves
Two Pack
Price: $19.90
Two Pack
Buy two pair of GRABAROO'S ® Gloves. One for a friend and one for you!
Three Pair
Price: $29.85
Three Pair
Buy GRABAROO'S ® gloves in quantity and share your new find!. Get two for yourself and one for a friend!
Six Pair
Price: $59.70
Six Pair
Have friends who could benefit from GRABAROO'S ® Gloves? Get a multi-pack and share!
Twelve Pack
Price: $119.40
Twelve Pack
Have a large office? Do you have a store and would like to resell our GRABAROO'S ® Gloves? Perhaps you belong to a Quilting Group and everyone wants a pair. Go with the 12 or 24 Pack!
Twenty-Four Pack
Price: $238.80
Twenty-Four Pack
Get a case of GRABAROO'S® Gloves for your large office or store. They're flying off the shelves! This way you don't have to order as often, saving on shipping costs!
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